Who  We Are

JOY OF LEARNING FOUNDATION ( A Project of the Trust – Ocean Of Joy – A Non Government Organisation ), is an Intervention Center for Children with Developmental Difficulties based in the capital of Uttarakhand, right in the foothills of Himalayas – Dehradun !

We are a team of dedicated, trained professionals providing  Early Intervention, Education and Training for all children with Developmental Difficulties – Like Autism Spectrum Disorder, Intellectual Disabilities, Attention Deficit Disorder, Speech and Language Disorders ( including Interaction Difficulties for all children) , and all  General and Specific Learning Disabilities. Remedial classes are also provided in the afternoon for children who are in mainstream schools but are struggling with some aspect of academic learning like reading , writing , spellings etc.

We , at the Foundation work for the development of the WHOLE Child – Which means looking minutely into the important areas of Gross Motor Skills, Fine Motor Skills , Cognitive Skills (development Of Thinking/Problem Solving Ability of the child ), Social and Emotional Skills, Self Help Skills and Language and Communication Skills . After looking into these areas very minutely, Goals are formed according to the Individual Ability of each child . Our well trained Special Educators work hard to plan and carry on the Strategies that are required to reach these goals.

While the strategies and activities are all directed towards developing all the skill areas , special attention and focus is laid on COMMUNICATION AND LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT . As we understand that being able to communicate forms the basis of all other development, hence we firmly believe in giving the child a means to do so!

We take care all the time that these strategies and activities are carried out in a fun and no pressure environment for the child . Play being the most important, and mostly the only method of teaching !

Joy Of Learning Foundation was started with the simple belief that, Any place that a child goes to learn , should be a happy one . A place where learning should be nothing but JOY!!