Under Privileged Girls Education Program

Home to over one billion people, India is a diverse and complex country with a rich history. Despite improvements in recent years, 3 Million Girls in India are out of school. Only 1 in 100 girls reach grade 12 in rural India. 1 in 7 girls is married before she even reaches 15. Access to quality education remains poor in India, and educational opportunities are unevenly distributed.

Gender disparity and financial constraints are the 2 main barriers in the way of girl child education.

We believe that education is the single most powerful intervention for transforming lives. For thousands of disadvantaged girls in India, education is the only weapon that will open the doors to provide them with equal opportunity and chance to escape the evils of child labour, child marriage and poverty.

Apart from education, we also realise that young girls of disadvantaged background get very few opportunities to Play, leave alone with toys. They do not get opportunities to look at good quality books or educational games and the idea of a sensitive teacher acting as a mentor and guide is a farfetched one too.

Joy of Learning Foundation is committed to bring about a change in this sensitive area.

Structure of the program

The Girls education program is offered in the afternoons for two hours. Girls from 3 to 12 years old are enrolled in this. The two hour program is divided into different parts consisting of literacy and numeracy development, social skills and opportunities for Playing .Cleanliness and hygiene is also a part of the curriculum.

The teachers and special educators take care to plan and work on all the developmental areas. Individual Education Plans are made for all the girls.