Early Childhood Intervention Program

Early childhood intervention program refers to a wide range of services that are offered to children who are at risk for developmental delays or who have a developmental disability, and for their families. These services offer support, information and guidance to help a child’s development. According to research, learning and development are at their highest rate in the preschool years. Some children, due to conditions noticed at birth, special needs, or developmental delays which occur in the early years, risk missing some of the most important learning and developmental milestones.

One goal of early childhood intervention is to help infants and young children reach their full potential. Another goal is to minimize the effects of a disability or condition on the infant and young child. Early childhood intervention contains educational, therapeutic, and preventive components.


Enhances Development

Early Childhood Intervention  enhances the development of a child with developmental delays, special needs, or other concerns.

Provide Assistance

Early Childhood Intervention provides assistance and Support to Empower families of children with Developmental Delays, Special needs Or other concerns.

Lays Foundation

Early Childhood Intervention lays a foundation that will improve the life of the child and offer greater Opportunities.

Structure of the program

Our Early Childhood Intervention program is offered in a 2 to 3 hour session, for small groups of children between the ages of 3 to 12 years.

Prior to the admission, an assessment is conducted, and only after this, the time of the session and the program details are decided for each child.

A group of well trained Special Educators, Therapists /Interventionists and counsellors chalk out a program and make Individual Educational/ Therapy Plans for each child in which goals are set for 3 to 6 months and strategies involving various activities and therapies  are made to reach the goals.


Activity Based Learning is the main focus and methodology used.  Play, fun and a total pressure free environment form the basis of all teaching and interventions.